Alumni Speak


It is a matter of great pride for me that I passed my graduation from S.D. College, Jalandhar in 1984. The Teachers of this college played a vital role in shaping and nurturing my qualities. I imbibed good values in the campus of this college which made me a very good human being. I have also liked the alumni meet where I n we were provided the opportunities to express our feelings. The values which were inculcated in me made me a productive citizen. This college instilled confidence in me and I became Principal at the age of 26 and I have been serving the same Institution for last seventeen years. This school is not only excelling in all fields i.e. academics, co-curricular activities and sports but doing a lot to uplift the condition of women by launching professional courses for them through MSME which are very beneficial for them. I feel proud that I am the product of this college. Whatever I am today I owe it to my teachers. It is my wish and prayer to almighty that this institution may reach up to the highest pinnacles of glory.

Anita Nanda, Principal, Lala Jagat Narain

D.A.V. Model School.

A Student can excel if he/she is given the right mentoring at an early stage. All don’t have equal talent but all should have an equal opportunity to develop their talent. It gives me immense pleasure to be a part of this great institution. I owe my thanks to all the faculty members and my teachers who have guided me to follow the right path and have always supported me in every sphere of my life. It is an honour for me to complete my graduation from such a renowned institution. This institution provides invaluable and impeccable knowledge to its students. For me learning is the most incredible event that happened to me during my S.D. college journey. This institution has held in grooming my overall personality. It has not only enhanced my knowledge and developed my skills but also held me in broadening my outlook towards life. Its contribution in my life can never be forgotten.

Deepti Kansra, Deputy Manager,

HDFC Bank, Jalandhar

Presently working in “CRYOBANKS INT. PVT.LTD.” as Area Manager since 2008, I started my professional career from my college itself as a student of B.Com- III under campus Placements. PCMS.D College for women, Jalandhar has not only given me the recognition in terms of academics but it’s  overall professional approach towards training helped me in achieving my career goals in this competitive world. Great faculty, wonderful ambience to learn, and excellent facilities is how I describe PCMS.D.College for Women, Jalandhar. PCMS.D.College For women taught me how to be ahead of others while giving respect to all and working along with them in a team. The academic profile of our  Teachers is high and they are very helpful in each and every aspect to whether related to studies or related to personal development. I have learnt so many good things from this campus which improved my communication and presentation skills. The teaching and learning processes that I experienced in this campus are really impressive and helped in the development of my skills where I was lacking. The environment of the college helped me to overcome shyness and made me bold for facing group discussions and interactive sessions. I wish my institution a great future ahead.

Shakti Mahajan, Area Manager,

Cryo Banks Int. India Pvt. Ltd.

“The Best and the most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched .They must be felt with the heart.”

It would be injustice if I failed to appreciate my course in PCMS.D College for Women, Jalandhar. The course not just made me Industry-ready, but also gave me the edge that others don’t have. The curriculum was quite exhaustive and in my opinion, it covered all aspects. I am very content with my experience in PCMS.D College for Women, Jalandhar and the faculty was excellent in delivering the right knowledge and guidance to us. PCMS.D College for Women, Jalandhar has not only given me the recognition in terms of academics-it’s overall professional approach towards training has helped me a lot in achieving my career goals in this competitive world. I left my college with diverse personality enhancements and such intangible assets which are now a part of my attitude. One aspect that helped me quite a bit during this time was the easy access to teachers, as they were very helpful in getting an idea of the difficulty levels and effort-reward ratios for different subjects, which I used to optimize my time.

Mrs. Neetu Kaushal, Administrative Officer

Surgery Hospital, Northolt, London (U.K)